We are manufacturing 00 Gauge DART trains, based on the 8100 Class electric two-car multiple unit train for Dublin suburban service. These units were built by Linke-Hofmann-Busch GmbH and GEC Traction Ltd. for CIE now Irish Rail.

Our model is exclusive hand-built at 1:76 scale with a laser printed plastic body on a PCB fabricated chassis. The model has specific DART details with metal pantograph, DART bogie sides, undercarriage compartments, air tanks, control box and mock connection hoses.

August 2019 News

Due to the present workload I am not taking new orders for DARTs, the Order Page has been updated with the removal of the order form.

I will be attending the shows as usual and we can discuss the future DART production there.

March 2017 News

My pricing structure is under review at the moment, I am experiencing difficulty with the system working- quality verses price! The quality of the model requires an incredible amount of work and the income gained does not cover the time spent to produce this model.

Apologies to the people on the future order list but I cannot sustain the workload for the previously quoted price. I will contact all on the list in due course and post up the revised price when a decision is made.

May 2016 News

New photos have been added to ‘On The Bench’ page- some pictures of the current build, we’ll have running sets very soon.

The ‘Cost’ page has been updated with removal of the earlier DART model options and adjustment to the Analogue DART model option as it is now DCC ready.

‘Ordering’ page has been updated with the notice that the next two builds are booked out.

October 2015 News

New photos have been added to ‘On The Bench’ page- some pictures of the current build of 18 sets including orders 20 to 34.

The ‘S-bahn’ menu has now been removed as two contacts were made regarding interest so a HO option will not be happening.

A new link has been added to the ‘Links’ page – Oxford Daf truck conversion to Faller Car System, if your into seeing an OO scale Faller vehicle work.

November 2014 News

New photos have been added to ‘On The Bench’ page- some pictures of 3 DART25 sets on the Seapoint Modular Layout we showed at the October MRSI show. Also there are photos of the new digital electrical system and the new brass etched pinpoint bearing bogies.

A new link has been added to ‘Links’ page- this is a link to the OO Gauge Modular Railway Layout System. Take a look it’s all explained there.

June 2014 News

A new menu option has been added ‘S-Bahn’, this option is for registering interest in purchasing a HO Scale S-Bahn 2 Car EMU. If enough interest is registered we may make a HO Scale model available. There is also a comments box to let us know your preferences.

Two new links have been added to the ‘Links’ menu, these are to the Irish Railway Modeller Forum site;- one link is to the DART thread and the other to current projects we are working on.

June 2014 News

On The Bench has been updated with photos of an S-Bahn EMU motor carriage.

OTB-58 S-Bahn-00

May 2014 News

On The Bench, Orders, and Video pages have been updated.

There are 17 model DART train sets completed.

Orders 08, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18 & 19 have now commenced.

April 2014 News

New photos added to On The Bench of Order 5 coming to completion.

February 2014 News

A new livery option has been added; DART 2014 Logo – Current Livery.

February 2014 News

‘On The Bench’ has been updated with photos of the current models coming to completion.

Production is behind schedule at the moment, so please hang in there if you have an order in. We are working on 8 sets at the moment, which is a mammoth task with all those fiddly bits, moulds not suiting the new developments on the model and having to be remade.

We have split the 8 sets into 2 batches now and this has speeded things up a bit.

– and happy new year to all.

September 2013 News

We are now taking orders for the Windowed DART model and have updated the ‘Cost’ section of the website with our current price list.

‘Video’ section has been updated with a short video of the Windowed DART’s first public run.

The order form has also been updated.

August 2013 News

On The Bench has been updated with some photos of our new DART option ‘Windows’.

The trains public d├ębut will be at the Dun Laoghaire Model Railway Exhibition on the 24th & 25th of this month and will be available to order at the end of the month.

June 2013 News

New video section has been added to the website.

On The Bench has been updated with photos of current builds.

February 2013 News

A new ‘Livery Option’ has been added;- The Berlin S-bhan EMU train. Our model is based on the 1980’s CIE DART.

‘On The Bench’ has been updated with photographs of a near to complete CIE DART.

January 2013 News

ECMtrains announces a price reduction on the DART model. New manufacturing process, revised specification and practically cutting out all painting except for the etched screen wipers and a protection coat of varnish to the body has allowed this – refer to ‘Cost’ and ‘Specification’ menu above.

Digital option is now available, allowing full control of the directional lights. The train has an 8 pin decoder with plug and socket connector to join the two units electrically. This will allow correct double/triple heading light control and light control when parked up on a siding.

Tenshodo spud motors are now the only motor option.

A new menu ‘On The Bench’ has been added to the website so that you can view some of the revised features and see DART train sets coming together.

Please Note; This site is under construction.

9 Responses to Home

  1. oliver hannon says:

    Hello your dart trains look great they will great on a layout well done will be getting a dart set as soon as finance permit to purchase a set

  2. John Lane says:

    Will will definitely buy at least one set of the Dublin Dart as we have a fond association with this very useful service when visiting family in and around Dublin and Wicklow – well done for coming up with this long overdue wish list item ! (John & Martine)

  3. Justin Farrell says:

    The train details look fantastic. I will be showing your site to my train enthusiast friends.

  4. Waldemar Lorenz says:

    Die Aussicht auf die Berliner S-Bahn herzustellen ist Klasse und dazu in AC!!!!!!! alle Achtung

  5. Tony says:

    Very very nice, Might buy one set of the darts and having it going round my railway

  6. Ian James says:

    The model is superb with the lovely Guinness livery, just how I saw and travelled on them around Dublin. Great for my layout.

  7. What’s up friends, good piece of writing and nice urging commented at this place, I am truly enjoying
    by these.

  8. Peter says:

    I would like to buy one I’m in London and I don’t know where to get them

    ”ECM replied by email to your enquiry”

  9. Austin says:

    At this early etage it looks very detailed indeed so fant wai6t to eee the finished wrtical keep rolling with the punches younwill get tere we all will pal with this epidemic holding us all to ransom so a sign of good timse ahead keep up the good work it looks beautiful as is we will all get tere thank you sir

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