Price List  – March, 2017

2 Coach 8100 Class DART model in OO scale.

My pricing structure is under review at the moment, I am experiencing difficulty with the system working- quality verses price! The quality of the model requires an incredible amount of work and the income gained does not cover the time spent to produce this model.

Apologies to the people on the future order list but I cannot sustain the workload for the previously quoted price. I will contact all on the list in due course and post up the revised price when a decision is made.


The interior includes;- printed floor and sides, seats, hand-poles, driver dash and a driver.

The Analogue unit is DCC ready.

The digital unit has an 8 pin decoder with directional lighting system, control of the coach lights and pantograph arc light. The two coaches are connected with a electric coupler.

See Ordering section.

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