On The Bench

May 18, 2016

Here are a few photos of the current build, the chassis are now rolling with the under-frame detailing added. The glass structure, interior lights, ceiling, and roof former is complete on all sets and the printed body sheets are now being stuck on. After that the body detailing, interiors and wiring commences. A few more months to go and we will have running DARTS- all 18 sets of them!

The boxes of parts on the floor is only half of the build…..

October 18, 2015

A few photos of the current status on Dart train orders 20 to 34, which are part of a batch of eighteen sets being worked on. The photos are of the parts produced so far for one of the sets, and all sets are at this stage of development or just coming to it as I am still completing the bogie frame etches and body print cut-out. Next stage is to start assembly of the chassis and upper body units which will be done with 4 sets at a time, this will also include the electrics, direction lights, and interior components.

OTB-72 IMAG1852 OTB-73 IMAG1855 OTB-74 IMAG1853 OTB-75 IMAG1858


November 24, 2014

Here are a few photos of the new digital electrical system. All the leads are now connected with Micro connectors for easy build and dismantling, the sets can now be dismantled to separate parts without the need of soldering iron. The digital loom has an 8 pin connector for chip instillation.

Also the photos show the new etched brass bogie system I’m now making, all new DARTs will be sporting these. They are a bit easier to make than the old bush type, but they come into their own with pinpoint bearings- great running from the start where the bush type had to be run-in to achieve the good running- needing some tweaks and all!

OTB-64 IMAG1362 OTB-65 IMAG1368 OTB-66 IMAG1367 OTB-67 IMAG1361 OTB-68 IMAG1370

The spider looking thing is the digital loom and the last shot shows it all connected up- cover to go on and away it goes for a little test run before supply.

October 2014

Here are a few photos of 3 DART25 sets on our Modular Seapoint Layout at the October MRSI show. Two of the sets were for supply to their owners at the show and the third is the display DART25 I use at shows.

More info on the Modular Layout System on the IRM website- see my Links.

OTB-61 IMAG1338 OTB-62 IMAG1339 OTB-63 IMAG1341

June 2, 2014

Here are a few shots of an S-Bahn EMU coming together

OTB-58 S-Bahn-00 OTB-59 S-Bahn-01 OTB-60 S-Bahn-03

May 14, 2014

Here are a few photos of DART no. 8101 in DART25 livery. These are shots of Order 01 now complete. This model is set up for display on a plinth, there is a switch to isolate the motor so that the lights can be run, as this train is an analogue set.

OTB-55 IMG_4538 OTB-56 IMG_4516 OTB-57 IMG_4542

April 2, 2014

Some shots of Order 5 coming to completion

OTB-45 IMAG1186 OTB-46 IMAG1188 OTB-47 IMAG1187 OTB-48 IMAG1189 OTB-49 IMAG1191 OTB-50 IMAG1190

February 3, 2014

Here are some shots of the current build- Orders 1, 5, 7 & 7a

OTB-34 IMAG1106 OTB-35 IMAG1107 OTB-36 IMAG1111 OTB-37 IMAG1110 OTB-38 IMAG1104 OTB-39 IMAG1116 OTB-40 IMAG1112 OTB-41 IMAG1119 OTB-42 IMAG1121 OTB-42 IMAG1124

August 31, 2013

A few photos of the ‘Windowed’ DART25

OTB-32 IMAG0960-a

OTB-33 IMAG0966

August 11, 2013

Here are a few photos of our new option a ‘Windowed DART’

The body is just propped on another trains chassis for the photos, so the chassis is showing a little! its chassis is not complete yet. This train will be at the Dun Laoghaire Model Railway Exhibition on the 24th & 25th this month.

OTB-28 IMAG0945 OTB-29 IMAG0952 OTB-30 IMAG0950 OTB-31IMAG0951

June 16, 2013

Here are photos of DART No 10 just completed last week and going into the box.

OTB-21 IMAG0898 OTB-22 IMAG0900 OTB-23 IMAG0901 OTB-24 IMAG0905  OTB-26 IMAG0909 OTB-27 IMAG0910OTB-25 IMAG0908    and in the box.

May 2013

Here are a few pictures of the Guinness DART on Walter Oberie’s (Kinvara-Model-Train) diorama.

OTB-13 GuinO IMAG0866  OTB-14 GuinO IMAG0860OTB-12 GuinO IMAG0859 OTB-15 GuinO IMAG0864 OTB-16 GuinO IMAG0858 OTB-16a GuinO IMAG0858

These are shots of new design parts, the Mock DART prototype livery and a customers CIE DART.

OTB-17 Mock IMAG0857 OTB-18 Panto-00 IMAG0830 OTB-19 Bogie-00 IMAG0868 OTB-20 CIE Colour-00 IMAG0807

Feb 24, 2013

Here are a few photos of a complete CIE DART, just decals on the underframe gear and an all-over coat of varnish is needed.





Jan 23, 2013

Here are a few photos of the current batch under construction;

OTB-01 Jan 23 13

Here are four sets just after the bodies were skinned.

OTB-05 Jan 23 13

Here is the CIE livery before any 3D detail added.

OTB-04Jan 23 13

Here is the 3D passenger doors, plastic cast under-frame gear and replica DART bogie sides.

OTB-03 Jan 23 13

Here is more plastic cast under-frame gear.

OTB-02 Jan 23 13

Here is the plastic cast pantograph roof well, plastic cast roof air vents and roof end trims.

OTB-06 Jan 23 13 IMAG0708

Here is the plastic cast corridor connector.

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