Laser printed plastic body with foam support.

PCB copper coated fibreglass chassis.

Tenshodo Spud motor.

Keen coupler plates to allow close coupling running.

Kadee couplers.

White metal cast sprung pantograph.

Directional lights.

Secondary pick-ups.

NS driver handrails.

Etched brass screen wipers.

White metal cast air horn.

Plastic cast motorless bogies.

10.5mm Romford tender wheels.

Plastic cast DART replica bogie sides.

White metal cast under-frame components.

Plastic cast roof vents and roof end trims.

Plastic cast pantograph roof well.

Plastic cast corridor connectors.

Analogue and digital options.

The digital unit has an 8 pin decoder with controllable lighting system, the two coaches are connected electrically with a plug and socket lead.

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