Livery Options

We are currently offering 5 livery options;

Option 1.  CIE Logo Livery, when the DART was first introduced.

Option 2. DART Logo Livery, when the DART Logo was introduced.

Option 3. Guinness Add Livery. Blue, Red, yellow and Green text.

Option 4. DART25 Logo Livery.

Option 5. DART25 Logo Livery, with bold boy tags.

Option 6. Berlin S-bahn Train based on the CIE DART 1980’s.

Option 7. Current DART with 2014 Logo Livery.

Click on icons to view larger image.

We plan to offer a weathered version also, but I have to perfect my weathering technique!

1 Response to Livery Options

  1. anthony mcdonald says:

    fantastic model very original ,looks great about time this was done as a good quality model,well done

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